Pedestrian Accidents

Drivers of motor vehicles are expected to obey a number of safety rules and regulations when they operate their vehicles, and they are expected to act with reasonable care. These rules exist in order to ensure the safety of pedestrians as they walk along highways or sidewalks. Anytime a moving vehicle in Florida strikes a pedestrian, serious injuries are sure to happen. When you are the unfortunate victim of a Pedestrian Accident in Florida, you should call the law office of The Law Office of Sean Clayton, P.A., for immediate help. Calling (954) 951-3351 will get you the free consultation and representation that may help you seek fair compensation for the injuries that you undoubtedly suffered as a result of the negligence of another.

When a driver breaks the rules of the highway, fails to live up to basic safety rules, or is otherwise distracted in his or her driving that results in your being struck by that vehicle, the result will be serious injuries to you, otherwise innocent pedestrian. There is no dispute that vehicular accidents can cause serious injury or death to those walking on or near streets and sidewalks. Should this happen to you, or to someone you know, entitlement to monetary compensation arises. This is something that the members of the law office of The Law Office of Sean Clayton, P.A., are expert at obtaining.

In order to establish your cause of action, and the subsequent entitlement to compensation for your injuries, lost wages, inconvenience, pain and suffering, and medical bills, all that needs be shown is that the driver broke a driving rule (such as maximum speed limit laws) and/or that the driver was more careless than any average reasonable driver would have been. Proving that this negligence or carelessness or rule violation was the direct cause of the injuries complained of is something that the law office of The Law Office of Sean Clayton, P.A., can do, through our training, experience, and the use of the appropriate experts, if needed.

In working your case, we will obtain all reports, medical records, witness statements, and any other materials that are required in order to bring your case to a successful conclusion. We will help evaluate your case, and explore an appropriate amount of remuneration that will fully compensate you for your injuries. Normally, these types of cases are resolved pre-suit, meaning that all records and relevant materials are submitted to an insurance adjuster in the hope of reaching an amicable resolution to the matter. Such a settlement allows our Florida clients to avoid the time, expense, and stress of going to court and, at the same time, gives a definite result to the matter, as opposed to the uncertainty of a trial. Staff members of the law office of The Law Office of Sean Clayton, P.A., are skilled at such negotiations, and have been highly successful in attaining pre-suit settlements of every type of injury action handled by the firm.

To best serve yourself in resolving your injury, give the law office of The Law Office of Sean Clayton, P.A., a call for your free consultation regarding your Pedestrian Accident in Florida. We can be reached at (954) 951-3351. Or, you can contact us by email here.