In most personal injury cases, it is important to prove the existence of negligence on the part of the tortfeasor (fancy legal term for the responsible party) in order to permit the favorable resolution of your injury claim. This applies to both court actions, and to actions being settled in a pre-litigation setting.

In legal terms, "negligence" is the word used to describe a type of civil wrong, as opposed to a criminal act that is investigated and charged by a government agency. It differs from just being careless, in that a person might be very careful, but still not live up to the duty of care owed to you to ensure your safety. If he or she fails to live up to this standard, he is said to have breached the duties owed to you, making him or her liable to you for damages or injuries caused by their breach of that duty.

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Our task, in each case, is to assemble the proof needed to show that someone acted in a negligent manner, causing your injury, and entitling you to be compensated. Once this is proven, the law provides for a recovery of damages to enable you to make you whole for the harm caused by the injury.

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