Motorcycle Accident Cases

Florida, with its gentle weather, plentiful highways and notorious congestion, can, unfortunately, be a dangerous place for motorcyclists. Given the serious injuries and high death rates associated with Motorcycle Accidents in Florida, the victims of motorcycle accidents, as well as their families, have to rely upon the guidance and advice of competent counsel in this field of the law. The law office of The Law Office of Sean Clayton, P.A., based in Fort Lauderdale, and handling matters primarily occurring in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties, has the expertise and experience to assist you in your case. Please call (954) 951-3351 for your free consultation to see how we can help you. We have almost 80 years of collective experience in this area of the law, allowing us to know what to do to maximize the value of every case that we handle.

As a rule, it has been shown that, in many of the motorcycle accidents in Florida the fault lies with the driver of the other motor vehicle. In almost every motorcycle accident, the size of the motorcycle can hardly compete with the size of the car or truck with which it collides and serious injury often occurs. It is not uncommon for drivers of cars and trucks to not see motorcyclists, which can oftentimes be the cause of the collision. Some of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents are:

  • Left hand turns into motorcyclists are generally considered one of the most common cause of motorcycle accidents. Car and truck drivers in Florida will often make left hand turns without checking adequately in their mirrors and blind spots, oftentimes causing them to turn right into a motorcyclist. At times, drivers will turn without putting on their turn signal, giving motorcyclists no warning before plowing into them.
  • Unsafe lane changes, where drivers will often not see motorcyclists because they do not adequately check their blind spots, often causes drivers to switch lanes right into a motorcyclist. Drivers who change lanes abruptly or without a turn signal can be held liable for motorcycle accidents that result.
  • Distracted driving, including drivers who fail to focus on the road ahead, thus causing motorcycle accidents while texting, emailing, talking on the phone, or performing other distracting activities. These negligent drivers will be held responsible for the injuries they inflict.

If you have been the victim of any of the above or if some other act of negligence on the part of another motorist has injured you or a member of your family in Florida, then you should contact the law office of The Law Office of Sean Clayton, P.A. at (954) 951-3351 for your free consultation.