Federal Criminal Defense

No criminal charge can be taken lightly, but Federal criminal charges or investigations demand serious and immediate attention. Federal prosecutors, called Assistant United States Attorneys, usually have prepared a case for months or years before the charges formally arise. Whether you are already charged or simply the target of an investigation, the Government’s attorneys are likely already involved, your attorney should be, too.

From the moment of arrest, the difference between a state and federal case will become apparent. Federal Courts often introduce special conditions of pretrial release, as opposed to the simple monetary bail with which so many are familiar. Release often includes supervision by the federal pretrial service system, amongst a host of other conditions. For example, those accused of financial crimes will often need to submit to a financial screening. Another example, those deemed a flight risk will need to surrender their passport and/or submit to electronic monitoring. An experienced federal criminal defense attorney may be able to minimize the impact of pretrial release on you.

State and federal courts operate very differently at the trial level, too. State prosecutors and judges are handling vastly larger caseloads, often seeming like a cattle-call of justice. Federal courts, however, are very exact in their handling of the smaller caseloads. Cases move fast and there is little room for delay. Attorney’s, particularly in the Criminal Law arena, are afforded relatively little time between arrest and trial to prepare the case and engage in negotiations with the U.S. Attorney. Again, the importance of hiring an attorney early in this process cannot be understated.

Finally, should it come to sentencing, sentencing is guided by a host of sentencing guidelines and intricate laws in the federal courts. An experienced federal criminal defense attorney can help you navigate these waters and protect your rights.

If you or a loved one have been arrested or received a letter notifying you that you are the target of a federal investigation in South Florida, contact our office for a free consultation.